[Soutien AFCP] Speech and Face to Face Communication

Speech and Face to Face Communication

A workshop/Summer school dedicated to the memory of Christian Benoît

27-29 October 2008, Grenoble, France

Ten years after our colleague Christian Benoît departed, the mark that he left is still very vivid in the international community. There will soon be several occasions to honour his memory: during the next Interspeech conference (Christian was secretary of the ESCA, future ISCA, for a long time, the association is a French association of the type described in the 1901 law and its official headquarters are still in Grenoble), as well as during the next AVSP workshop (workshop of which he was one of the creators). The Christian Benoît Association was created in 1999 and regularly awards young researchers the « Christian Benoît prize » to promote their research (the 4^th prize was awarded to the phonetician Susanne Fuchs in 2007). The Christian Benoît association http://www.icp.inpg.fr/ICP/_communication.fr.html#prixcb), along with ICP, now Speech and Cognition Department of Gipsa-lab (http://www.gipsa-lab.inpg.fr), are organizing a workshop/summer school to Christian Benoît’s memory, in the line of his innovative and enthusiastic research style and aiming at exploring the topic of « Speech and Face to Face Communication » in a pluridisciplinary perspective: neuroscience, cognitive psychology, phonetics, linguistics and computer modelling. The workshop « Speech and Face to Face Communication » will be organized around 11 invited talks. All researchers from the field are invited to participate through a call for papers and students will be encouraged to widely attend the workshop and present their work.

You can subscribe to the Christian Benoît Association by sending 15 euros (active member; 45 euros or more, benefactors) to Pascal Perrier, secretary of the association: Pascal.Perrier@gipsa-lab.inpg.fr